Dear parents; feeling guilty is not an option these days.

When the ban of social gathering became a fact we planned that grades 1 -5 would attend school up to a point but thas not happened yet. Nevertheless, parents have recieved information from our teachers about what can be done at home.
Some teachers in grades 1 – 5 have for the last days used distance teaching, Seesaw for an example, and some students have even had lessons in home economics.
We assumed that students in grades 6 – 10 would not attend school very often but work more from home. There is so much going on in their studies. The physical training instructors have been teaching via the Internet. Students work on various subjects and use various ways to communicate. For example there was a Yoga Nidra class last Thursday. Teachers have had meetings and offered their students to reach out to them. Some of them have done that and sometimes when they have just woke up and still in their pyjamas.
Some of the teachers who specialize in remedial teaching have reached out to their students and also the teachers who teach Icelandic as a second language.
We have to keep in mind that circumstances vary in our group of staff. Some are ill, some are taking care of sick family members. Some are doing everything they can to protect their family members who are at risk.
Both kindergartens and elementary schools have either been closed or operating with limitations. People with young children are busy taking care of them.
Not everyone can work from home relentlessly and some just can‘t.
I would like to tell you as well that many families are struggling. Quite a few parents contacted me yesterday. People are doing what they can to work from home and take care of their children at the same time. They fear what will happen in the near future and whether or not they will lose their job etc.
Many are under so much pressure and rely on their older children to look after younger siblings. That enables parents to focus on their jobs up to a point.
We who work in Salaskóli keep this in mind when we give our older students new assignments to do.
Many parents experience guilt and worry that they are not doing their best these days. They fear that their children are not learning enough and question their ability to do what they need to do.
To these parents I want to say that feeling guilty is not an option these days.
Don´t hesitate to contact the school administrators if you have any questions.
We should all try to relax and take good care of ourselves.
Birt í flokknum Fréttir.