Dear parents and other guardians of the students in Salaskóli.

These are strange times to say the least. Our school has been closed due to strike for eight days and we don‘t know how much longer the strike will last.

Our school is now closed for all personnel. It will re-open as soon as it has been cleaned. Since the circumstances are the way they are we can‘t say anything about when children whose parents are in the priority group will be allowed to attend school. We will keep you informed.

The whole nation is now dealing with a task that requires time and patience. Schools across the country can only offer limited service and all of them have had to change their plans.

Dear parents, please don‘t worry about your child´s education. Millions of school-children around the world are in the same position and we will work this out when school can start again.

All of us, both children and grown-ups are now facing a new task, how to react to this coronavirus-pandemic. That is a huge task and we all have to do our best.

Students, especially the older ones, have now received studies they can do from home. They are doing fine but all of us, student, teachers and parents, are learning.

I urge you to take a look at this website of the Directorate of Education:

There you can find a lot of good material to practise various skills.

It‘s important that you let us know if your children are in quarantine or ill. Please let us know by e-mail:

You‘re welcome to send me an e-mail if you have any questions. The address is

Best regards and take good care of yourselves.

The principal of Salaskóli

Birt í flokknum Fréttir.